Switzerland costing incorrect.

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Switzerland costing incorrect.

Postby Belinda Frick » Mon Sep 14, 2020 7:39 pm


South-Africa now has various providers with competitive rates and special discounts for specific clients.
To cater for this TNG has the Custom rates feature to allow setup of custom rates.

In this example International call to Switzerland landline from Telkom line is setup as custom rate.
The same process can be used for any cost that is incorrect:
local, national, international.

NOTE: If costing different for Switzerland landline, cellular, etc. Use Telkom calculator to find correct cost as explained below.

Confirm correct rate for Telkom call:

See telkom costing for Switzerland call of 49 minutes and 21 seconds:
https://apps.telkom.co.za/calculator/di ... an=Default
NOTE: Telkom calculator set VAT at 14% and not 15%.
Make sure your TNG 's VAT is set to 15% and the VAT include amount will thus be more.
TNG Home page -> General Settings -> Under 'Company Details' section heading:
"VAT Factor e.g. 1.14 for 14%"

Calculate cost per second:
On Telkom calculator divide cost 'Cost (Excl. Vat)' with 'Sec in Rate'' = R 0.294333


  1. TNG Live
    Download UPDATE file from https://www.datatex.co.za/downloads/
    NOTE: upgrade using 2014 TNG rates update(tnglive-zarates-update-1_1_1_12_2014)
  2. Use 'all_custom_simple.dll' version: Windows all_simple_custom.dll
    NOTE: password is 'datatex'

  1. Download 'all_custom_simple.dll' to desktop and copy to :
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Datatex\tng\rates\custombase
  2. Rename 'all_custom_simple.dll' file on the Desktop to new rate book for example ''all_custom_international.dll'.
  3. Compile the ratebook ini file as per above example and save with same ratebook name on desktop:

    Example of custom rate ini:
    Code: Select all
    ;code=S,Cost PerSec,MinCost,RateType,Desc
    41=S, 0.294333, 0, I, Switzerland
  4. Copy the dll and ini file to the rates folder:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Datatex\tng\rates\
  5. Restart TNG Service.
  6. Do a test cost calculation from Home page:
  7. If happy with costing, Select the ratebook for the required trunks or set as default ratebook for all under Trunk Configuration.


To setup all simple custom rate see Custom rates costing incorrectly
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