TNG - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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TNG - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Postby Leon van Heerden » Mon Oct 03, 2011 10:35 am

This post will serve as a first stop for your Frequently Asked Questions about TNG and TNGLive.

General usage
The Official TNG Userguide

Q.How does the TNG Export format work?
A.TNG Export Format

Q. How to I automatically import extensions or pincodes into TNG?
A. Importing Extension numbers into TNG
A. Importing Pincodes into TNG

Q. Where can I download TNG Install files?
A. TNG Install Files

Q. Where can I download TNG Updates?
A. TNG Updates

Q. I have Windows 8 64bit and the drivers don't work, what now?
A. Windows 8 requires a different driver. It can be found here

Q.Why are the new TNG Buffers not working?
A.New Chipset drivers for the new buffers

Q. What must the Asterisk Custom CDR format settings be?
A. This post explains the details.

Q. TNG for Asterisk uses a lot of CPU on Linux servers, how can I fix this?
A. When you use only the CSV file, you do not need to monitor the AMI for all events. As this post explains, you can remove the other events from the monitor interface and this will reduce the amount of CPU and traffic.

Q. Do I require Internet Access to use TNGLive in Free mode?
A. No. You only require Internet access to active TNG and to keep it in Premium mode.

Q. TNG Required a TNG Buffer to work. Do I need a buffer with TNGLive?
A. TNGLive does not require a buffer. It can work with a buffer if one is present.

Q. How to configure a Mitel SMDR output to work with TNG?
A. Mitel SMDR Settings for Topaz and TNG

TNG Rates release information. (The first post will be updated and rates links added as required)

The new simplified TNG Rates

Q.How do I configure Custom Rates to use in TNG?
A.TNG Custom Rate Configuration and Format

Q.Why do I have no costing on my Custom Ratebooks in TNG?
A.Zones to use for Custom Rates

Here you will find the CentraCom Rates Rates

Q. Why are my outgoing calls not costed in TNG?
A.TNG: Costing of calls - Why are calls not costed in TNG?


Q. I need a new plugin written
A. Please completed the follow list of test calls. Create a new forum post under TNG, Add the test call information, Rawdata captured during the test calls and PBX documentation explaining the Call data format in a ZIP file. Set a password on the ZIP file and send us the password privately.
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