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TES Budget Config

PostPosted: Fri Aug 07, 2015 8:41 am
by Leon van Heerden
TES in an hosted environment using a Mitel 3300 controller can be used to setup budget and barring.
Without the Mitel, you can still have budgets, but it will not prevent the calls from going through.

Email facility:
TES will email the person in the level above the person who exceeded their budget. If there is no one in the leve directly above this person, TES will try and find the next person on the next level, within the same branch, or then the company that has an email address.

Barring Facility:
  1. AmtMitel to bar the phones.
  2. A RAD group on the Mitel where the phones are located. When a person is barred, the call is directed to this RAD group to play a message to the person. E.g. " You have exceeded your budget, please contact your budget admin."
  3. The RAD group is added to the AmtMitel configuration for the controller:
    Code: Select all
  4. The USer must have a Budget Configured and an preferred barring extension on the user screen.

Adding Budgets:
  • When adding a budget for a user, it is always in the amount used in 1 day. You can then choose if you want the budget to be applied daily, weekly or monthly. The system will then work out what the total budget should be.
      E.g. if you allocate R1 as the Budget Amount for a day.
    1. Daily budget will be R1
    2. Weekly Budget will be R7
    3. Monthly Budget will be R31 or R30 depending on the mount of days.
  • TES will automatically reset the budget based on the daily, weekly or Monthly Configuration.
  • If you allocate the budget for the first time during a month, the total accumulated cost of the extension up to that point is subtracted from the budget. Check the budget there after and allocated an positive amount equal to their budget to make it R0 and then allocate a new Budget for the current Budget period.
    E.g. Extension 200 had no budget for the first 2 months and made R400 worth of call. Now you allocate a budget of R1 per day and the Budget reset is set to Weekly. This gives a total Budget of R7.
    The R400 is subtracted from the Budget leaving R-393. This will Auto reset in the next week, but now the person is exceeding their budget. If there is barring implemented, the extension will not be able to call.
    To Fix, Allocated R393 to set the budget to R0 and then Allocate R7 for this week.
Processing Budgets:
The Budget process runs every couple of minutes to process through all the extensions and change the restrictions. If you are changing the budget for someone or if they have exceeded their budget, it may take a couple of minutes for the system to update.

Re: TES Budget Config

PostPosted: Thu Nov 28, 2019 12:49 pm
by Leon van Heerden
Version of Amtmitel is required for proper Siptrunk barring.
This is the MiTai 6 Version