TES : Import Number [UPDATED]

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TES : Import Number [UPDATED]

Postby Lee Hendricks » Thu Jun 06, 2019 12:01 pm

By default the users do not have access to any permissions on their Settings tab.
Specific Access can be granted by using the "TESADMIN" profile for that given company

- Login with the TESADMIN profile for the company and select the SETTINGS option

- Select the USER PERMISSION option
- From the drop down option select the USERNAME of the person you want to grant access to
(Sometimes the USERNAME does not always correspond with the email address linked to the profile. In this case you can select the USERS tab and find the email linked to the User , or vice versa)

- From here you can select the various permissions the user needs access to.
For this instance make sure that the SETTINGS IMPORT NUMBERS option is set to

- Once done save the changes and have the User login with their email and password

- Once the User is logged in, navigate to the Settings page
- Select the IMPORT NUMBERS option

This page has a function to attach a CSV file and upload the file to the TES server
Please note the format has to be if the stated below. All fields have to be filled in

- Once the file is uploaded the the new numbers should be available after about 1 minute.
Confirm that the number has been added by navigating to the PHONEBOOK tab and searching one of the numbers that were just imported
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