Where do I see the product serial for TNG?

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Where do I see the product serial for TNG?

Postby Belinda Frick » Mon Nov 15, 2010 2:41 pm

If TNG software is not installed or PC was replaced or re-installed:

  • The 'Product Serial' number will be displayed on the TNG box, normally the sticker will be pasted on the white box (remove outside packaging) .

  • On the sticker of the Datatex - TNG buffer, the buffer serial number is displayed (If you are using TNG with the buffer). Contact our Support Department telephonically on 086 111 4351 and provide the buffer serial number. The support agent can look up the Product Serial.
If the TNG software is already installed:

  • Open/Access TNG using your web browser. Once login page is displayed, on the blue panel at the bottom of the screen will display the Product serial and current software version.

    See example below: (displayed on all pages)
    Code: Select all
    Version [4*] - Copyright © 2007 - 2009 Datatex Dynamics CC
    Product Serial No:123A-456B-789C-112D-EF00 Country:South Africa (ZA)

    TNG-product serial.jpg
    NOTE: Product serial is circled in red.

  • The product serial is also saved in the tng.ini file. This is located in the C:\Program Files\Datatex\TNG directory (Windows) and on Linux versions under /opt/datatex/tng

    Open the file using a text editor and under the 'Company' section, the product serial number is listed. Please see example below:

    Code: Select all
    Company Name=F Rick
    Company Tel=0215924033
    Company Fax=0215924077
    Company email=support@datatex.co.za
    VAT Factor=1.14
    Product Serial=123A-456B-789C-112D-EF00

    Once complete, please remember to close the tng.ini file.
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