TNG: Costing of calls - Why are calls not costed in TNG?

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TNG: Costing of calls - Why are calls not costed in TNG?

Postby Leon van Heerden » Wed Nov 09, 2011 11:49 am

Why are my outgoing calls not costed in TNG? My reports/Call list displays zero cost for calls made?

TNG will not apply cost/charge for calls in the following instances:

  1. Duration of the call is 0
  2. The call has an action of "Unanswered"
  3. The ratebook that was selected is "Do_not_Cost"
  4. The Number that was dialed, can't be found in the Ratebook that is configured for the Trunk

If none of the above criteria matches the call, the call will be costed.

NOTE: For calls to match the criteria, the PABX must give off the standard output format and the latest version of the plugin must be used.

There are cases where calls might be costed "incorrectly", based on the information that was given to TNG:

    Situation 1:If the PABX identifies a call as 'unanswered' and there is a short duration, there will be a cost.

    Solution 1:TNG has a "Call Filter" facility to discard calls shorter than the configured duration. The Duration can be configured per call type.

    Access this facility through the "Settings" screen and scroll down to "Minimum Call Duration (seconds)". Add the values that you would like to use and Apply your settings. Calls shorter than these configured values will now be discarded.
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Re: TNG: Costing of calls - Why are calls not costed in TNG?

Postby Belinda Frick » Thu Dec 27, 2012 3:42 pm

If you select the wrong plugin to translate your rawdata from the PABX into call details for TNG, for example your telephone number is thus displayed incorrect, TNG cannot use this to lookup then number prefix. The costing will then be zero.

Please ensure that you have the correct plugin selected.

You can make a test call and then check on the Call List page if the number displayed is the number you dialed. NOTE TNG will add +27 if for example you are in South-Africa. The number must be displayed in the international dialing code format.

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