Upgrading TNG (with buffer) v1.0.7.6 to TNG v1.1.1.8

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Upgrading TNG (with buffer) v1.0.7.6 to TNG v1.1.1.8

Postby Belinda Frick » Thu Apr 12, 2012 5:00 pm

I am running TNG version (Windows) with a buffer. I want to upgrade/update my TNG to the latest version for South-African rates for 2012.

If TNG is not on v1.0.7.6, please upgrade/update your TNG.

    For upgrade/update file, see forum post: TNG: Why is my 8TA calls costing at zero?
    NOTE: If you upgraded to, please log into TNG and go to the Call list page. Ensure that current call data is updating live and that the call has a cost, etc.

You may proceed to run TNG ZA rates update v1.1.1.8:


This update is for use with Windows version of TNG (with buffer) only.
To see which version of TNG you have refer to forum post: How do I check which version of TNG I have?

  • Download attached and unrar:

  • See release notes for TNG Release notes: TNG to
    For TNG release notes see forum post Release notes: TNG

  • NOTE: The update file 'tng-zarates-update-1_1_1_8.dtx' includes the TNG version and the new rates.

  • Required: Your TNG subscription must be up to date. TNG v1.1.1.8 was released 2012/04/05 and therefore your TNG subscription must expire after this date, else the update will not be allowed. NOTE: If your subscription is not up to date and you try to upgrade, TNG will not allow the upgrade. Should you renew the TNG subscription (charges involved), your subscription expiry date will change and TNG will allow the update.


  • NOTE: TNG will only auto re-cost your calls if you have the trunk range configured under 'Configure Trunks'. If you use the default ratebook and thus no trunks specified, then it does not re-cost. If a re-cost took place to applY the new ratebook to your historic data (since ratebook changed), it will be logged in the tng.log file for the date the update was run.

    If you want your historic data to be re-costed, you need to add the trunk range before you run the update. To find your trunk range, run a Trunk Utilization report for, for example one month and then use these trunk numbers.

  • Run the 'tng-zarates-update-1_1_1_8.dtx'.


    When you run the dtx file a black screen will popup showing progress of update. To complete the update click on 'OK' on the 'The Update Completed Successfully' popup.

  • Open the TNG login page. The version number will now display as per update file e.g. v1.1.1.8.


  • Log into TNG as 'admin'.

  • If the buffer is detected, your icons on the TNG HOME page will appear as per 'normal'.

    If not, the icons in the centre of the screen will look different - see screenshot:


    NOTE: With TNG (with buffer) if the buffer is not detected in will go into TNGLive Free mode. Your TNG features will then be limited.

    See forum post for TNGLive Free features: http://www.tnglive.co.za/tnglive_002.htm. Ignore the TNGLive Premium listing as it does not apply to your TNG (with buffer). In TNGLive Free mode TNG will continue to load calls if you are using the Network or File Reader option. It cannot load calls via serial as the buffer is not detected and the serial cable is connected via the buffer. The buffer will 'buffer' the calls until full.

    While in TNGLive Free mode, no rawdata will be logged and the alarm feature will also be disabled.
    To ensure you get an e-mail alert when it goes into this status, please see forum post:
    TNG Alarm Configuration (TNG v1.0.6.5 or newer)

  • The difference between TNG and the earlier version is:
    1.) Software Activation (License Agreement page click on 'Complete Registration')
    2.) Registration (Register TNG page)

    PLEASE NOTE: You do not need to register it. When annual subscription is due, you need to activate your TNG (subscribe).

  • NOTE: If you had trunks configured, it will auto re-cost when you run the rates update. It will check from when the new ratebook is effective and re-cost from that date.

    If the default rate book option was used then to re-cost your historic data refer to forum post: How do I recost calls in TNG? You need to select the re-cost period.

NOTE: to have access to the attachment, you need to be registered and logged in.
You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.
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Re: Upgrading TNG (with buffer) v1.0.7.6 to TNG v1.1.1.8

Postby Odette Danster » Thu Mar 14, 2013 2:30 pm

Please Note: The CentraCom ratebook/rates update was added to TNG v1.1.1.8-3 update file, please refer to below post:

Where do I find the CentraCom ratebook/rates update?

This update file includes the TNG version update and has changes to licensing.
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Re: Upgrading TNG (with buffer) v1.0.7.6 to TNG v1.1.1.8

Postby Belinda Frick » Tue May 07, 2013 10:02 am

For newer release of TNG version 1.1 see forum post:

last TNG releases for 2012
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Re: Upgrading TNG (with buffer) v1.0.7.6 to TNG v1.1.1.8

Postby Belinda Frick » Thu Mar 13, 2014 10:50 am

TNG has been released.

For update or install files, please see forum post:
TNG Update
NOTE: Please take care to upgrade/install using the correct version for your TNG.

The post also list new features and details to implement.
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