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Each call loaded into TNG will be exported to the 'Export' folder.
The export string has a fixed format. It consists of a single string delimited by the pipe | character.

Code: Select all
UniqueID|yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm:ss|extensionnumber|extensionname
|Private or Business Flag|Phonebook Category|Trunk Name
|Account Name|Ratebook Name|CallType|BranchCode|Price|MyLink|


  • Field = 'Private or Business Flag'

    Business = 0
    Private = 1
  • We do not export the Pin Code as its value is hidden.

    We do however, export the user name linked to the pin code in the field 'username'.
  • The Price is the Cost plus the Department Markup that was added.

If you need to integrate TNG with 3rd party software, you can use one of the 2 export options. However you need to do your own development to convert the TNG call details to the format and import option for your 3rd party software.

Export options:

  • TCP port

    Log into TNG, click on the 'General Settings' icon and scroll down to 'Live Export Settings' - please configure your 'TCP Client Port'.

    You can test this by running a telnet to the IP TNG is running on and port 20003. It will display the export string for the next call loaded into TNG.

    Please note: TNG sends the data via the TCP port that is configured. It is up to you to make sure of the availability of that port and make certain that it is not blocked by firewalls etc. TNG simply sends the information and is not responsible for confirming whether that information was received by the 3rd party application.

  • a txt file in folder:

    • Up to TNG version
      • Windows: C:\Program Files\datatex\tng\export\{yyyymmdd}\export.txt
      • Linux: /opt/datatex/tng/{yyyymmdd}/export.txt
    • From TNG version
      • Windows: C:\Program Files\datatex\tng\export\{yyyymmdd.txt}
      • Linux: /opt/datatex/tng/export/{yyyymmdd.txt}
      Where {yyyymmdd} is the date on which the export file was written to.

Additional fields added:
Version - Price field was added.
Version - MyLink field added
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