Why would TNG costing differ from provider?

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Why would TNG costing differ from provider?

Postby Belinda Frick » Tue Jul 12, 2016 3:10 pm

TNG is a tool to assist with managing costing and staff.
It's function is not to check the correctness of the Provider's billing .

  1. If the custom ratebook feature was used, please ensure that your calculation are correct.
    For example TNG ratebook entries are excluding VAT factor.

  2. TNG's totals include the VAT factor.

  3. If your client gets special discount on ported numbers, TNG will not be able to identify the individual cell numbers - unless you setup each ported cell number in the custom ratebook with the correct costing for new provider. You can use the Simple Custom rate feature for these exception and let it overflow to the ratebook in use - see forum post TNG - Simple Custom Rate

  4. The duration of the call is received from the PABX and could include the ringtime (for example analog lines). If the duration is incorrect, it will influence the costing TNG provides.

  5. If a call is not terminated correct the duration will 'count up' until the next call is made.

  6. In TNG the Summary Report total is rounded to Rands, where as the Detail Report will have decimals included.
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