TNG Faulty Buffer

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TNG Faulty Buffer

Postby Luanda_Junzi » Fri Dec 09, 2016 1:03 pm

Tng Buffer can only be faulty in two cases bellow .

1. UTMS Buffer: WDT flash, RT and TX permanent on

My buffer beeps when I connect it to the USB cable from the PC,
but does not detect under Device Manager in Windows for USB or Serial interface.

The WDT light flashes, RT and TX lights are permanently on.


The USB interface is faulty and therefore the USB ID cannot be detected.

2.TNG is Not picking up the buffer even thou the Pc can detect the buffer.

The are few issues relating to this
1. Re-install of TNG
In the tng.ini file located in c:\\program files\datatex\tng\

Edit the file under [Optional ] you comment out #FirstInstall=1

Code: Select all

2.Try connecting to the buffer using Putty with different speed 9600 and 19200

Connect to the buffer while tng is running , if you can connect to the buffer while tng service is running .

Reboot the pc and test again. if still you can connect to thew buffer while tng is running the Buffer needs to be


TNG code on the buffer has been removed


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