How do I install TNG?

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How do I install TNG?

Postby Belinda Frick » Fri Nov 12, 2010 5:58 pm

You need very little technical knowledge to install TNG. To prepare yourself for the
installation please ensure your PC meets the requirements to install and run TNG as
specified in the SSL What is required to run TNG?. Before installing,
make sure that your PABX is configured correctly; especially the date and time of the
serial port settings. Contact your PABX supplier if you need help with this.

You need to know the following before proceeding with the installation:

1. Your country's international code.
The international code for the country where you are based - for example South Africa's
code is 27, the UK's code is 44 etc.

2. Local area dialing code.
This is the code that people outside your town or city will prefix to your telephone
number in order to dial you. In South Africa typical examples are:
011 - Johannesburg
021 - Cape Town
031 - Durban

3. Your telephone number.
Your telephone number.

4. The international access dialing code
The prefix(s) used to indicate that an international call is being dialled from your country.
For example South Africa's international access code is 00.

5. The communication protocol between the TNG computer and the PABX.
This information can be obtained from your PABX suppler. There are 2 options: Serial and Network.
For serial you only need to know the baud rate of the PABX port you are connecting to. In the case
of a network interface you need to know the IP address of the PABX as well as the TCP port and any
authentication information.

4. PABX make and model.
This information can be obtained from your PABX suppler. Typical examples are PANASONIC D1232 and

Installing TNG.

When inserting the TNG CD into the PC for the first time, the installation window will appear. If it
does not, browse to the cd drive and double click the tng_setup_xxx.exe where xxx indicates a numerical

Click 'Next' to proceed with the installation.
The second pop up window will require the information mentioned above, please fill in all the required fields.
If you have more than one international access code you can split the values with a ";" for example in South Africa
you can access it by dialing either a 00 or 09 so you would enter 00;09 as the value for the international access code.
The next window that pops up will require you to enter your company's details and the details of the support company.
Click 'Next' to proceed.
Enter the PABX information. (This is critical as the correct plugin will be needed. If you require assistance with
this, please contact your PABX supplier.
Confirmation of all the entered criteria will be displayed, to confirm the details and proceed with the installation, click
'Next'. To finalize the installation click on 'Install'. Finally, click on 'Install'.

After all the initial information is entered, all the necessary files will be extracted and TNG will open.

Please find a detailed TNG installation and user’s guide in the help folder on your TNG CD.
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