How do I re-install ONYXPlus?

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How do I re-install ONYXPlus?

Postby Belinda Frick » Mon Dec 13, 2010 11:42 am


Registration form.
Backup of datatex folder.
Settings of the recording card drivers.
Install for recording card drivers.
Available on the ONYXPLus install CD.
Install for database engine, Firebird.

Print the registration form or get a copy of the
original registration form. You will need the settings to
re-register ONYXPlus.
Write down the settings of your recording card driver.
Recordings can be BRI or PRI and for lines or extensions.
Make a backup of the "C:\Program Files\Datatex\" folder.
Now you have the information to re-install the ONXYPlus.
You can now proceed to re-install the ONYXPlus.

Install the drivers for the recording card.
You need to configure the driver for your recording solution.
Use the settings that you wrote down.
If more than one recording card is used, place them in the
same order in the slots, else the ini configuration will not
match anymore.
Check if the card is recording via the recording card
soft ware. If not the settings for the driver is incorrect.
The drivers was installed again and therefore the
settings must be checked and configured to match the original

Install Firebird.
Use the default installation.
Make sure that Firebird is running as a service and set to

Copy the backup to the "C:\Program Files\Datatex\" folder.
The ini files will contain all your settings from the previous
Make sure that the Windows user have full control over the
Datatex folder aswell as System user since we are running services.
Once access is in place make sure the Datatex folder is not
Run the services.bat file to install the services.
Onyxlines and

Open the ONYX_Configure and print a registration form for ONYXPlus
with the details on the registration form you printed from the
previous installation.
Fax the registration form to +27 21 5924077.
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