ONYXPlus: I can click on the Search button

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ONYXPlus: I can click on the Search button

Postby John Richard Procter » Wed Jun 22, 2011 3:36 pm

ONYXPlus: I can click on the Search button, but its functionality is disabled.
  1. Please setup the server IP in the OnyxConfig.ini.



    In this example the ONYXPlus server has a IP of Please use the
    ONYXPlus server IP and not the server name or the IP address of
  2. Make sure the following ports is available:

    ONYXPlus uses the following ports:
    • 27002
    • 27004
    • 27005

      ONYX communicates to port:
    • 27004

      Firebird uses port:
    • 3050

    ALSO SEE: How to configure the Windows XP SP2 firewall to work with Datatex products
  3. Once all the settings was change, please stop and start the ONYX sweeper.
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