Amethyst 2 Archive facility

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Amethyst 2 Archive facility

Postby Leon van Heerden » Thu Jun 04, 2020 3:28 pm

The new Amethyst 2 Archive service can be used without sharing a windows or network drive.
  • Windows Server with local drives that have storage available for the recordings. The service can't access mapped drives.
  • HTTPS access between the Amethyst 2 server and the server running the archive service

How does this facility work:
  1. Archive service installed on a Windows Server
  2. Amethyst 2 Server is configured and then authorized to connect to the Archive service
  3. Archive process runs periodically on the Amethyst 2 server and uploads all the recordings that has not been archived to the archive server.
  4. The Database on Amethyst 2 is updated to which server it was archived and the current state is set to Archived.
  5. The Purge process now checks the database daily for recordings that are flagged as archived and older than the Keep Live period and removes the recordings. The Database state is then marked as Purged.

Purged recordings
Calls that have been archived can now be retrieved from the Archive server, if the recording has been purged. The recording must just be available on the hard drive, where it was archived too.
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