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Recordings for Amt1 and Amt2

PostPosted: Tue Jul 03, 2018 1:53 pm
by Lee Hendricks
At a site like CCD where recordings must be available in both the Amethyst servers, make sure that the correct script is running:

Confirm that the script is running

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less /root/scripts/

Check that the script contains "/opt/amethyst/data/sweeper1/"

Check the location to confirmif there are recordings
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ls /opt/amethyst/data/sweeper1/

If not all the recordings seem to be processing in then the issue is that the sweeper is not reading it from the correct location

Edit the amtsweeper
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cd /opt/amethyst/bin/

Backup the current ini
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cp amtsweeper.ini amtsweeper.ini-20180703

Edit the amtsweeper.ini
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vi amtsweeper.ini

Change the directory:
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Startup the amtsweeper
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./amtsweeper -D

The files that were left behind will now process in