Amtclient and Amethyst 1 and Amethyst 2

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Amtclient and Amethyst 1 and Amethyst 2

Postby Leon van Heerden » Sat Jul 28, 2018 10:44 am

This version of the Amtclient works with Amethyst 1 and 2.

Version of the Amtclient has the following new features:
  1. Extension number format: The extension number on its own is used for the popups as it was in the past. On Mitel controllers the extension needed to have the IP of the controller as a suffix, but this is no longer supported. When upgrading to this version, the extensions will have to be changed in the Amethyst Server INI file or through the CTI Devices page.
  2. Auto-reconnect: The Amtclient Front-end has a Light that shows if the service is correctly connected to the Amethyst Server and if the Front end has received its settings.
    • The Light contains the text "RETRY": The Service is not connected and the settings are not available yet.
    • Light is flashing: The connection is established and the settings has not been received yet. This can also mean that the agent's details has not been configured on the server properly yet.
    Holding down CTRL and clicking on the Amethyst Logo will show the Connected state and the Settings received state.
    Clicking the light/text, will force and attempt to connect to the Amethyst server.

    The Service will automatically attempt to connect to the Server every 45 seconds if it is not connected.
  3. Hot-desk Settings verification: When settings are received from the Server additional verification was added to ensure that the settings will only update if Hot-desk is enabled and the windows logins match. Not just the IP and port.
  4. Popup speed: The Amethyst server should be on version or at least to ensure the new functionality and speed is supported.

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