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Playback of recordings are one side or distorted, etc.

PostPosted: Thu Apr 25, 2019 11:10 am
by Belinda Frick
When playing back the recording in AMETHYST Supervisor,
details of the recording is provided - for example call details, recording reference and extra information.

The extra information section will show if there was any lost or delayed packets at the time of the call.
For more details, please refer to forum post: Extra Codec information on recordings

Use this information as first step to narrow down what the issue could be.

Thereafter gain information from the agent at the time of the call.

For AMTMitelCRE and SIP recordings, the recorder receives mirrored packet of the audio that goes to the phone. Therefore AMETHYST should record exactly what the agent hears on the live conversation. If any network or phone issues at the time of the conversation, AMETHYST will record the audio as received.