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AMETHYST2: Can I redo a AQM score?

PostPosted: Thu Jun 27, 2019 2:53 pm
by Belinda Frick

AQM Supervisor scored an agent low or failed the questionnaire.
The case was reviewed by a manager and decided the scoring was to incorrect.
The AQM review must be redone or not counted as part of agent AQs.


AMETHYST2 Supervisor has the feature where a supervisor can be given access to redo a AQM review:

This is configured by the admin supervisor under 'Setup Supervisor' and 'Supervisor Access':
See GROUP 'AQM' and FUNCTION 'REDO QUESTIONNAIRE' - set to DELETE for full access.

NOTE: Only the Supervisor who originally did the review can redo it.
If another Supervisor who has access to the recording also do a review on the recording,
it will count as a separate review under that Supervisor - therefore an additional review.