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Amethyst webadmin seems to get stuck when purging

PostPosted: Tue Aug 06, 2019 9:04 am
by Leon van Heerden
The Amethyst Webadmin 1 can get stuck if there is to many files in the change.log that needs to be processed.

The following command will show all the change.log files that the webadmin is possibly picking up to process:
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ls -l /opt/amethyst/bin/change.log* /opt/amethyst/bin/hdd/change.log* /opt/amethyst/bin/hdd/temp/change.log* /opt/amethyst/bin/nfs/change.log* /opt/amethyst/bin/nfs/temp/change.log* /opt/datatex/amtsweeper2/change.log*  2> /dev/null

Make sure that the archive is complete first and the change.log files are processed away successfully. There after the purge should work correctly.

If you do not have archiving enabled, the change.log file will have to be moved away daily before the purge runs, to ensure that the purge does leave those files on the server. Use the above script to make sure that old files are not still located somewhere on the server to process.