Windows 7 Cardservers

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Windows 7 Cardservers

Postby Belinda Frick » Tue Feb 15, 2011 10:28 am

We will now include the following settings as standard for installing a Windows 7 Cardserver:

  • Disable power options not to let Windows go to sleep after 30min

  • Set the power saving options in windows not to turn the hard drives off after being idle for 20 min

  • Microsoft Security Essentials:

    • Settings -> Exclude Files and Locations:

      • browse to the AMETHYST folder and select it - click on ADD
      • browse to the SMARTWORKS folder and select it - click on ADD
    • Settings -> Exclude: Processes:
      browse to the AMETHYST folder and select it - click on ADD
      This is to exclude the recording software exe's (amtcards.exe/amtmitelcre.exe/VOIPRecorder.exe).
  • Windows 7 Cardservers must have at least 4 GIG memory(Windows 7 requires 2 GIG).

  • enable remote desktop Under "Enabled Features".

  • Uninstall Media Center, but leave media player.

  • Install Telnet client
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