TNG Mitel Barring Service Installation Manual

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TNG Mitel Barring Service Installation Manual

Postby John Richard Procter » Fri Jul 22, 2011 11:06 am


  • Barring is extension side or account code based, not both at the same time.
  • Mitel barring only works on the Mitel IP phones(monitored device from which you can make either extension or account code calls from). Only Mitel IP phones can be monitored for barring purposes, this is a Mitel PABX function limitation.
  • SIP extensions and Consoles cannot be barred since the Mitel doesn’t allow the control of these devices.
  • VOIP trunks can also not be used for barring.
  • TESTED on Mitel Release Level 4.1 SP1

EDITED: 2012-03-02 - Re-tested Extension and Account code barring is working.


  • Datatex software:

    • TNG must be installed and receiving call details live - see Call List page.

      NOTE: You need to configure a department head in TNG and allocate extension/user to the department. This information will be updated from TNG to TNGCallbarring so that you can setup budgets for these users/extensions. You use the same department head login of TNG to log into TNGCallbarring.

    • TNGCallbarring must be installed and connected.
      Install file and manual is available on the TNG install CD version and newer in the folder:
      Unrar, the file - password is 'datatex'.

    • Mitel barring install file: tng-MitelBarring-install-1_0_3_0.exe or newer
      Available on the TNG install CD version and newer in the folder:
        Barring\Mitel 3300

      Unrar, the file - password is 'datatex'.

    • Mitel:

      • ICP version for call barring, and maximum number of ICPs

        For the current Mitel Barring (version, it requires Release 6.0 or higher for a 3300 ICP.

        NOTE: This becomes release 9.0 UR3 if we upgrade the libraries with the next version, so we suggest move to at least MCD 4.1 or later if currently on 8.0 or earlier.

        Maximum number of monitors (combined from two engineering guidelines documents):
        3300 MXe Server - 5600
        3300 MXe Standard - 2000 (this may be only in MCD 4 versions)
        3300 MX - 1000 (this may only be in release 8.0)
        3300 CX - 100
        No mention is made of the LX or AX controllers.

        PLEASE NOTE: The TNG Mitel Barring might require changes to deal with 1000 monitors and higher.

        Recommended number of monitors:
        3300 MX / MXe Standard - 500 monitors at 6000 calls per hour, 1000 monitors at 1500 calls per hour.
        3300 CX - 50 monitors at 600 calls per hour

        There was no documentation relating to the maximum number of ICPs, so it might not be limited in MiTAI.

        The number of controllers Mitel Barring can handle will depend on how busy they are.


        • The extensions that need to be monitored and controlled need to be in a Class
          Of Service that has been configured on the PABX to allow CTI Monitoring and CTI Control.
        • In the Configuration of the system ( System Administration ) under Class of
          Service assignment, the HCI/CTI/TAPI Call Control and Monitoring Allowed must
          both be set to Yes.
        • Ensure that all Class of Service setup is correct before trying to use the
          TAPI/CTI facilities, since it will not work correctly if not setup.

    Steps to install the Mitel barring:

    • First you need TNG to be installed and receiving call details. You can configure your extensions/users in TNG - depending on barring solution that you will use. They will be updated to TNGCallbarring where you only need to configure the budget amounts.

    • Install TNG Callbarring, see document
      TNG CallBarring Installation Manual.pdf

    • We require Mitel configuration for devices to be monitored to be in place (see above "THE FEATURES BELOW MUST BE ENABLED ON THE MITEL PABX").

    • Install TNG Mitel barring, see document

      TNG Mitel Barring Service.pdf

      For both extension side and account code barring you need to configure all the extensions from where phone calls can be made in TNG Call barring. Even if you use account barring you do not configure the pin codes in TNG Callbarring, only the extension numbers from where the calls are made. In TNG you configure the extensions (extension barring) and users (pin code barring). This will be update from TNG to TNGCallbarring so that you can configure the budget for each extension/user in TNGCallbarring.


      You can only use Extension Exclusions for extension barrring - not for account code barring.

    NOTE: You can have multiple controllers locally at a site. It is not suggested to connect to remote controller as this will increase network traffice, etc. With remote controllers you can also not have overlapping extension numbers for extension side barring.

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Re: TNG Mitel Barring Service Installation Manual

Postby Belinda Frick » Fri Jan 20, 2017 10:54 am

  1. For latest version of TNGCallbarring download:


    • To download rar file you need to be logged into the Datatex forum, else the link will not be available.
    • To extract the downloaded file, you will require the 3rd party software WINRAR/WRAR.
      If not available on your PC you can download it from the internet.
    • The password is 'datatex' to extract the rar file.

  2. For latest version of TNG Call barring for Mitel refer to forum post:

    MITEL Baring No NIC is provided, attempting to select one
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