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Amethyst 1.7: Supervisor FAQ

Postby Leon van Heerden » Fri Jul 12, 2013 1:21 pm

Which browsers does not work?
  • IE 8 and earlier

Why are the new features or bug fix not available after upgrading the Supervisor?
  • Browsers cache the pages that are loaded to reduce the amount of network/Internet traffic to load images or other frequently used files. Once an update has been applied the browser may not have loaded a new copy of the file.
    Press CTRL+F5 a couple of times after logging in to force the browser to load an updated copy of the files.

When I try and login with Internet Explorer 9 (IE9), the images do not display and I can't playback recordings.
  • When IE9 is in compatibility mode some of the HTML5 features are disabled and the page will not function properly.
  • The following error appears in place of the player when you click on a recording
    Code: Select all
    Your browser does not support the audio tag.

    Disable Compatibility mode get the player to work.

If I click on the save recording icon, Media player opens and starts playing the file. How can I save a copy of the file?
  • The download starts automatically and if your browser has an association with the type of file that you are downloading, it may try and open the associated application automatically.
    Right click on the image and select "Save Targer as..."
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