Critical Error reported by check-cre: File not found

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Critical Error reported by check-cre: File not found

Postby kebogile Porogo » Tue May 22, 2018 3:42 pm

How to deal with Critical Error Reported by
CRE recording servers have a script called "" which is run At 08:45 on every day-of-week from Monday through Friday.

What it does:
    1. Checks to see if the CRE is running and if there are recordings found.
    2. Checks to see if there are 5 consecutive calls without call details
    3. Checks & reports extensions seen by the CRE but not marked for recordings

Subject of the ticket: Critical Error reported by check-cre
Body of the ticket
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File not found for 20180321

This error messages reports that no log files could be found for the specific day

What to do:
Go and check the CRE log on that day to see if there were recordings.
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ls /opt/datatex/amtmitelcre/logs/20180321/*.log*

What you will see if NO files found
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/opt/datatex/amtmitelcre/logs/20180321/*.log: No such file or directory

What you should see if files found
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/opt/datatex/amtmitelcre/logs/20180322/amtmitelcre.log.gz  /opt/datatex/amtmitelcre/logs/20180322/dtxsrctunnels.log.gz  /opt/datatex/amtmitelcre/logs/20180322/voipsweeper.log.gz

Replace the dates '20180321' with days reported.
In this case, 20180321 was a Public Holiday and the client was not recording, in other cases if recordings were not found, we would need to investigate further.

Check if the CRE is running
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# ps auwxf | grep amtmitelcre
root     21975  0.0  0.0   8228  1660 ?        Ssl  Apr23   4:04 ./amtmitelcre -D

If you do not see ./amtmitelcre -D the CRE is not running.
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