Can I change AMETHYST recordings to MP3 to save space?

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Can I change AMETHYST recordings to MP3 to save space?

Postby Belinda Frick » Thu Apr 04, 2019 1:19 pm

Recording Format
Recordings are stored on the AMETHYST server in the EXCLUSIVE drive in GSM 6.10 format that is encrypted. These files are mono audio files with an approximate size or 6Meg per 1 hour of recording.
When the Supervisor accesses it, a copy is decrypted for playback and can be save or e-mailed.

Space Maintenance
To maintain space on the AMETHYST server, AMETHYST has a "days to keep alive" feature.
Recordings older than set days, will be purged/deleted from the live system - provided that they were archived. Files still waiting to be archived, will not be purged.
The purged recordings will then only be available on the archive location.
These recordings are also stored as GSC and decrypted once played back using the AMTListen program.

Once recordings has been archived it is the clients responsibility to keep the archive safe and backed up.
Any recording older than the "days to keep alive" period will only exist on the archive location.
The recordings retention period varies between companies and industries. Amethyst tries to be flexible to allocate the client to choose their own values.
You have the option to make additional copies of the archive and store off site.

The AMETHYST recordings complies to POPI act.
For more information please see attached PDF documents.
NOTE: To access attachments you need to be logged into the Datatex forum.
AMETHYST compliancy.pdf

AMETHYST POPI compliancy.pdf

Exporting of calls
The supervisor also has the option to export bulk recordings in wav format.
Refer to topic :
Once exported you can use software to convert these recordings from wav to another format, for example mp3. These recordings however will not be POPI compliant as they have been modified.

Supervisor access is secured by using a login and password.
Once the Supervisor has the recording in wav format it is their responsibility to keep the recording(s) secure.


AMETHYST has features in place to maintain space on the EXCLUSIVE drives (live access via Supervisor).
Archive location must be maintained by the client as per requirements.

The recordings are not modified once the recording has been completed and for POPI compliance, these files are not accessible directly.

The archived recordings, is stored on the clients equipment but is still encrypted and requires the AmtListen player to play the files.
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