update of tng ?

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update of tng ?

Postby Kyle_houghton » Tue Nov 20, 2018 4:05 pm

Hi there,

has there been an update in TNG live ?

My data format has changed, its usually 2.1 but now is showing as 2,1.

please see below and treat this as urgent:
gertnel tbg.jpg

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Re: update of tng ?

Postby Kyle_houghton » Wed Nov 21, 2018 10:27 am

Hi There,

please see below call data from raw.txt which seems to be fine , its only when the export of the file happens:

You will notice the below call is fine from the raw.txt: the cost of the calls are A) 0.82 and B)0.80

Call 512499,000001672F88C459_12,00:00:49,2018/11/20 05:12:31,2018/11/20 05:12:43,2018/11/20 05:13:32,TerminatedBySrc,Ext.123,0791773371,123,10010,0791773371,,,,,1,0.82,default,Chain: Ext.123;0791773371;,Extension,Line,,Diona,0791773371,
Call 512500,000001672F8A7781_13,00:00:47,2018/11/20 05:14:22,2018/11/20 05:14:33,2018/11/20 05:15:21,TerminatedBySrc,Ext.147,0748916097,147,10010,0748916097,,,,,1,0.80,default,Chain: Ext.147;0748916097;,Extension,Line,,Linde,0748916097,

But when i look at the data that has been exported it is the below: now it costs as 1,3 and not 1.3:

35407|2018/11/20 05:12:31|123|Diona||Not Set|27791773371||ADDITIONAL VODACOM C - (ZA)|O|00:00:49|10010|O_NORMAL|0|N|12||1,3||0||Please Add||za_telkom|Cellular|021|1,3||
35408|2018/11/20 05:14:22|147|Linde||Not Set|27748916097||ADDITIONAL CELL C CO - (ZA)|O|00:00:47|10010|O_NORMAL|0|N|11||1,3||0||Please Add||za_telkom|Cellular|021|1,3||
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