SIPRecord add extension for recording with Alcatel

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SIPRecord add extension for recording with Alcatel

Postby Belinda Frick » Wed Jun 13, 2018 1:09 pm


  1. Check if enough licenses to add extensions for recording.

    Add recorded extensions to AMETHYST Devices List.

    Checking and modifying Amethyst licenses

  2. Update Configure Virtual Extension with the User names and Extensions.

    How do I setup Virtual extension in AMETHYST ?

  3. The ini files must be updated and then the recordings software restarted to apply.
    NOTE: This must be scheduled outside recording hours as it will cut recordings and not start recording until software started up and stations loaded for recording.

    First prepare the ini files.
    Organize restart time and then replace the ini once software stopped.

    • Confirm siprecord.ini:

      1. Code: Select all

        NOTE: Where is my changes to the Stations.ini file?

      2. Recording solution (PABX):
        Code: Select all

      3. All extensions to be configured must be listed under:

        For example:
        Code: Select all

    • Confirm stations.ini

      1. All IPs op recorded phones must be listed under:

        For example:
        Code: Select all

      2. All user names must be updated under :

        For example:
        Code: Select all
        0=|12904|Princess Thwala
        1=|12906|Cynthia Nqidi
        2=|12919|Melissa Jonker

  4. Update recording software with prepared ini files:

    • Disable the checksip scrip in the crontab:

      crontab -e
      Code: Select all
      * * * * * /usr/local/bin/

      Place # infront to comment out:
      Code: Select all
      #* * * * * /usr/local/bin/

    • Run the stop SIPRecord script:

    • Update the 2 ini files:

    • Remove the '#' from the crontab

    • checksip will then startup the SIPRecord again - monitor with tail -f siprecord
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